Do you get lost using your website for online marketing ?
Complete this course & learn how to get online business working.
Go from not knowing what to do & wasting time ... to having a plan & getting things done.
Is This You ? ...

Most businesses, including plenty of larger ones have NO IDEA what to do with their websites to build business and make them more money.

  • You've had a website or Facebook page for a while,
  • And promote with Facebook, Google and emails a bit.
  • But your average day involves running flat-out trying to juggle everything, because you're not sure how to run online marketing or what to use to get it done.
Learn how to run a business online and what resources to use.

This course has checklists and videos that cover linking the components of online marketing together, monitoring what's happening and testing so that you can improve results.

It will reduce the confusion and amount of effort and speed things up for you, guaranteed !

Imagine if you had a plan drawn up and knew what to use to get it working. And didn’t feel splattered and disoriented every time you wanted to get something done with your website and internet marketing.

We've been in web development and marketing since 2003
I’m Robert Kamaralli and have run a small Sydney-based website group ( Spellboundweb ) since 2003. We've developed hundreds of websites. and specialised for years in helping our clients increase their exposure in search results. We now concentrate on developing full working online solutions for our clients.
What do our customers say about us ?
Thank you Rob & Lisa for all your hard work developing my website, teaching me the ropes of content management and of course, your efforts in insuring my site has pole position in search engines. I couldn't have done it without you. I'm VERY happy with your service. Cheers!
Christopher Rimmer
We have been having a lot of traffic from the website (and particularly Google) recently, so that is really, really awesome, and I am very grateful to you guys for the massive assistance. It has made the difference.
Oliver Shead
Very easy to understand and am achieving the results I hope for.
Clayton Barnes
... you are the best, most ethical and honest, reliable and effective IT guy.
Barbara Alsop 
What's in the course ? ...
Section 1: Keeping Things Moving
What works ? What do you have to do to get online marketing moving. This covers the essential actions that need to happen & the strategy of running a business online.
  • 7-Steps of an Online Business.
  • Moving to the ideal situation.
  • Flowcharting your plan.
Section 2: Research & Products
How do you get a better idea of what  might interest prospective clients and customers ? How do you check if your product ideas or existing products are wanted and that you're in the ball-park with what you write in your ads ? This covers basic market & product research and communicating about products.
  • Initial Online Research.
  • Product Alignment.
Section 3: Setups & Campaigns
How to set up the main components of an online business, like the business website, and organise marketing campaigns.
  • Online Marketing Workout.
  • Campaign Checklist.
  • Structuring Facebook Campaigns.
Section 4: Getting Things Done
Building an online business involves plugging together a lot of apps and services. But what can you use to build it ? This shows you the resources & how to do it.
  • Graphics Resources.
  • Copywriting Resources.
  • Email Marketers.
  • Video Solutions.
  • Marketing Automation.
Section 5: Conversion Tracking
Learn how to tell where things are going well and where you're losing people along the way so that you can control your business flows.
  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • Google Tag Manager.
  • Google Goals.
  • Tracking Email Link Clicks.
  • Zapier.
Section 6: Testing
This covers how to improve the business flows that you put in place and increase success at each point.
  • Heatmaps and Session Recording.
  • Google Experiments.
  • Split Testing.
  • Landing Page Creator Reviews.
Checklists and Plans
  • the Online Business Flowchart 
  • Research Action Plan
  • Setups
  • Product Alignment 
  • Online Campaign Checklist
  • Campaign Scale-Up 
  • Are You Boring Your Customers ? 
  • The Internet Marketing Toolkit 
  • Google Experiments 
  • Split & Multivariate Testing
  • Tracking Email Links 
  • Heatmaps + Session Recording
  • Google Analytics Set-up 
  • Google Goal Set-up 
  • Insert & Manage Tags
  • Facebook Campaign Structure
  • Keeping Things Moving 
  • Basic Product Research
  • Products
  • Setups
  • Campaigns
  • Handling Graphics
  • Email Marketers
  • Copy Writing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Goals & Funnels
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking 
  • Users Flow
  • Testing 
  • Creating Page Variations 
  • Watching Visitor-Page Interaction
... way cheaper than hiring a consultant for a day !
30 day money back guarantee
If for any reason you decide that the course isn't for you, then email within 30 days. We'll refund the total cost of the course.
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The hardest part of any online marketing is getting the very first thing into-place and working. So don't waste time trying to work it all out yourself. Give yourself a boost by being shown how to do it and where to get the things you need.
Frequently Asked Questions
How will this course help me ?
Working things out from scratch takes a long time, and often people don't reach the goal they had in mind. A better way to implement something new, is to take the best practices worked out by other people, tailor them to your own situation and then test things to improve the setup from there.

This course shows you the steps and strategy that's working for lots of online marketers and what they use to implement an online business.

It then shows you how to test your online business setup to improve it and take it to the next level.
What's the course structure ?
It’s divided into 6 sections ( described above ) which help you understand the activities and services you need to have in place to get a business working online : then where to get the tools and apps to build it & make it work :  then how to test and monitor your business.

It covers the things that over the years, I've found get our clients stuck and confused.
How long does it take to finish ?
Probably about 6 weeks on average, if you're also going to implement what the course covers. It’s a guide to help you draw up a workable online business plan, and show you the services and apps that are available to get it all going.
How hard is the course ?
The hardest part of any online marketing is getting the very first thing into-place and working.

The learning curve for internet-related things is usually quite steep, so the course has been arranged on a gradient to make things as easy as possible, but you should still expect to have to dig in and clear things up all the way along.
What if I get stuck ?
We're easy to contact. So email us on if something needs more explanation or if there's anything in particular that's got you stumped. We'll help you as much as possible :-)
Why $163 ?
You probably don’t know me yet and don’t want to risk too much money, but as well ... there’s 14 years of web-development experience that’s resulted in this course !
Is there a guarantee ?
Yes, there's a 30 day guarantee and if for any reason you want your payment returned then let us know. So if you're unsure that this course will help you, you don't need to worry about that.
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